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if it's not rough, it isn't fun
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3rd-Dec-2019 01:31 am - {phone post}
brb tuning you out
[old post here]

CALL: for any phonecall. Can be third-person.
TEXT: guess what it's for. Guess.
VOICEMAIL: "Hi, this is Sakura. You know what to do." BEEP. Leave a message.

17th-Feb-2010 11:17 pm - YON.
it's my party and I'll cry if I want to
...oh wow. Twenty-one soon. Where did the time even go?

I made chocolate...I know it's counter-productive to make chocolate after buying chocolate, but that's part of why I bought so much of it, and anyway--don't question my motives. Because I'm in a giving mood, so--

Who wants chocolate?
14th-Feb-2010 01:03 pm - SAN.
Happy New Lunar Year, Tenten, and others who celebrate it.

Happy Valentine's to the couples or hopeless romantics.

Happy Eat Chocolate Day to me~!
22nd-Jan-2010 08:48 pm - NI.
easily breakable heart
I've been thinking. We have a lot of talented people in our college--singers, actors, actresses, photographers, and so on--and yet, save for the occasional representation or such, not much is done.

So, how about a charity event? Maybe some of the people I know can put in a word with their club presidents, set things in motions. Or just tell me who to go talk to, because I can also do that.

This is going to sound all...justice league and whatnot, but it's true. I wanted, and still want, to be a medic so I can help people; but I'm not a medic yet, and people still need help. I'm sure you all read the news, or watch TV or even got word of it on the Internet. It's impossible not to, unless you live under a rock.

I'm not pushing this on anyone, but I think it would be a nice thing to do. No, a humane thing to do, maybe. If the yakuza helped earthquake victims in 1995, why can't a bunch of college students put together a show and donate all the ticket money to one of the charities helping out Haiti victims? Not that I'm comparing us with the yakuza, but you should get where I'm going with this...

I have a couple of ideas, like selling baked goods, and so on; maybe even a tea shop somewhere. Ideas, plenty. But volunteers...

That's where I'll let the rest talk.
23rd-Dec-2009 11:31 pm - ICHI.
ahuurr wouldn't you like to know
This is going to be a first. No loud and nosy relatives asking so many embarrassing questions.


So, I should fill up that gap. Christmas dinner, anyone?

[ooc; or maybe I should actually MAKE some things to backdate with, non? XD;]
3rd-Dec-2009 01:27 am - {ooc} fiction~
brb tuning you out
So. Someone once said "if it's shippable, Cella ships it". And I won't deny this. However my idea of shipping can vary from romance, friendship, crack, to violence.

I bring you drabbles, set in the Last Stretch 'verse. Could-bes, what-ifs, head canon -- whatever you want to call them. Maybe they happen, maybe they don't, maybe they never will -- I just wanted to write them.

And to answer your question: YES, I TAKE REQUESTS! Just remember that, this being AU, your character is your own and I don't know how to write it as well as you do -- but if you want a drabble from Sakura's perspective with your character involved, then go ahead and ask! :D And make of it what you will; shippy, unshippy, what-if, could-be, head canon. Et cetera.


a rush of blood; Shino and Sakura [what if]
some things never change; Sasuke and Sakura [canonish?]
die another day; Sakura vs. Toothbrush [completely canon]
pick your threats well; Naruto and Sakura and Neji and her parents [canon]
you will be tested on this; Shikamaru and Sakura [LMFAO NOT CANON. also, porn]
the long road; Neji and Sakura [canon]
brb tuning you out
The old post is here. For anything new~


Ask me any question regarding Sakura: her opinion on [insert character's name here]/friendship/love/sex/compromise/toasters, her favourite scent, how many scars she has, her past, her present, parents, boss, job, ANYTHING YOU WANT is good! They can be specific questions, or generalised questions. I will answer them all in this post, and when everyone's had their go, I'll make a post by categories. Yes, darlings, I'll be your tl;dr guide of the day. Of course you can ask more than one question! Fire away!

What not to expect: I will not godmod a relationship. If Sakura hasn't met your character yet, she will, and if you haven't poked me about making them have 'history' together, they'll make it as time passes. Note that only Team 7 (and Neji) have history with her. I'm fine with that. I'm also fine with people wanting to be her BFF. She loevs her friends. But in this post, if you ask "what's her opinion of ___" I will answer based on how much she knows them/has interracted with them.

Hit me with everything you've got, babies!
3rd-Dec-2009 01:16 am - {ooc} logs
brb tuning you out
Sakura's past logs (and a record of her upcoming ones too) go here.

tl;drCollapse )
3rd-Dec-2009 01:04 am - {ooc} background info
brb tuning you out
Character's Name: Haruno Sakura/Sakura Haruno
Character's Age: 20
Character's Model: Aoi Miyazaki
Year in School: Junior
Major / Minor: Pre-med! / online major in Literature
Clubs / Activities / Job?: Jujitsu club / part-time job as a waitress[FIRED] part-time job as a lab assistant at her college

she's got the looksCollapse )

she's got the brainCollapse )

she's got the emotional baggageCollapse )
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