Haruno Sakura (goodwithscalpel) wrote,
Haruno Sakura

{ooc} essay bandwagon -- that I started

The old post is here. For anything new~


Ask me any question regarding Sakura: her opinion on [insert character's name here]/friendship/love/sex/compromise/toasters, her favourite scent, how many scars she has, her past, her present, parents, boss, job, ANYTHING YOU WANT is good! They can be specific questions, or generalised questions. I will answer them all in this post, and when everyone's had their go, I'll make a post by categories. Yes, darlings, I'll be your tl;dr guide of the day. Of course you can ask more than one question! Fire away!

What not to expect: I will not godmod a relationship. If Sakura hasn't met your character yet, she will, and if you haven't poked me about making them have 'history' together, they'll make it as time passes. Note that only Team 7 (and Neji) have history with her. I'm fine with that. I'm also fine with people wanting to be her BFF. She loevs her friends. But in this post, if you ask "what's her opinion of ___" I will answer based on how much she knows them/has interracted with them.

Hit me with everything you've got, babies!
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