Haruno Sakura (goodwithscalpel) wrote,
Haruno Sakura

{ooc} relationships

childhood friends
Naruto; would need a book to describe everything. Best friends in childhood, went through some shit together before her parents took her away to coddle her in another town. She kept in touch, though their contact fluctuated. On and off. And then in college, they meet again, and Sakura really really needs him as her BFF again, so she'll do anything to achieve it. (And he has the best ass. ♥)
Sasuke; how to go from cute to bitch in 0.1 seconds. Sasuke knows it. He was such an adorable child, really. What a pity. Even though she may not voice it aloud or make a big deal out of it, his name rings a clear bell in her head. Lord knows that after she finds out who he is, she tries to reestablish contact--but he acts like a jerk. And Sakura can't stand jerks, so she answers like a bitch. Their conversations vary from random word associations, Sakura's being flustered around him forever and ever, and the threat to charge her for chatter. It's Twu Wuv, really it is.
Neji; Neji~ is like the super hot gay boyfriend that works as a model, brings her designer clothes and dresses her up out of the blue, takes her around with him, always supplies the tea, and is very reliable. Except she isn't sure if he's gay, and she has a sort of small crush on him.

college friends
Tenten; she's known the girl for a year and something now, and the initial JEALOUSY is not under control. Sakura knows that Tenten's an important person to Naruto, and respects her for it. They also bond over tea, FFVII and such...like the geeks they are.
Shino; her biochem classmate, one very silent but likeable guy. Though, admitedly, she'd like to get him talking a bit more. If only to drown out the annoying sound of Suigetsu's voice.
Ino; her first college roommate--and only!--Ino's a bit complicated to describe. They are friends, best friends maybe, because Ino knows somethings hardly anyone else knows. How they got to the point of being friends, no-one knows. Sakura was the quiet geek, and Ino was the party girl, so obviously a shared dorm between them made for a lot of bitchfights. Of epic proportions. But there's also the ice-cream shared over the latest boyfriend dissing, and the forced shopping sprees... Oh, whatever, Sakura loves the girl.

neutral acquaitances
Shikamaru; IS IT BECAUSE SHE WOULDN'T GIVE YOU HER NOTES, YOU PUNK? sob Shikamaru's complicated, because he's an annoying chauvinist whom she'd rather punch in the balls on a good day, but he's also her TA, so etiquette implies that she respect him forever and ever. Now if only she'd stop sharing other classes with him, gdit.
Suigetsu; Oh, god. I don't even know. He amuses her and annoys her and if they were stuck in a room together, she'd throw him out the window to get him quiet. Or something.


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