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{ooc} background info

Character's Name: Haruno Sakura/Sakura Haruno
Character's Age: 20
Character's Model: Aoi Miyazaki
Year in School: Junior
Major / Minor: Pre-med! / online major in Literature
Clubs / Activities / Job?: Jujitsu club / part-time job as a waitress[FIRED] part-time job as a lab assistant at her college

Looks: Sakura comes from a Japanese family, but due to some weird marriages in the past, and her ancestors' genes haunting her, she's the first Haruno in 5 generations to have pink hair again. She bears it with pride, although no, she won't freakin' prove it's natural. Her eyes are green, also thanks very much, great-great-great-great-parents. She's skinny and stands at medium-height, athletic. Her only pain is that her breasts refuse to grow higher than a B-cup, but oh well, can't have it all. She's more of a leg woman, anyway.

Personality: She is outspoken, brave and gives everything she has for her friends, if she has them. She loves with her whole being, and hates with her words and her fists. She's diplomatic and polite, but not afraid to be blunt and speak her mind. She's pro-dialogue, although violence does the trick too sometimes. She's strong, and at the same time her heart is fragile, but she holds it hidden well behind iron walls. She's not afraid to love, but she's afraid of not being loved back. She is against pretending to be more girly or more pretty for the sake of a guy, and thinks that her personality will do the shining for her (if it ever gets out from behind that book). She's more turned on by a thick book and a cup of tea than by some pretty, mindless boy--although a bit of yaoi will never be turned down. She's sociable, helps everyone in need of help, and hardly ever asks for help herself, certain that she's self-sufficient, and refusing to be a bother to anyone else. She doesn't think about herself much, though if she does, it's mostly to buy a new book. She hates shopping for clothes, and social classes, high-school, and arrogant people. She's always been an exemplary student, best of the best, class valedictorian, scholarship and all--but let's forget that one time she broke that guy's nose for making a pass at her innocent little friend, or the time she ended up in jail for a night for punching one pervert on the subway, shall we? Her sense of humour borders from sarcastic, to cheerful, and it should be clear from first meeting that words are actually Sakura's major strength.

Background story: As a child, there wasn't much that could be said about Sakura, except that she was shy, weird, had no friends and liked to look for frogs in puddles, and climb trees. When she found herself in kindergarden, she met two boys: Naruto and Sasuke. It was a bit odd at first, because for some reason, climbing trees better than boys did didn't earn you many points, but sooner or later they weren't rivals in tree-climbing anymore, and became very good friends, instead. Tightly-knit triangle. And then the shit hit the fan. Sasuke was take away, Naruto was put under the spotlight, and Sakura tried her very best to protect him --since he was the only friend she had left-- from the light as best as her tiny fists could. Then her parents decided, oh no, we can't have that. That boy's nothing but trouble. So for Sakura's 'own good', they moved to the city. That sort of isolation changes a person, and for Sakura, it wasn't for the good. Her young mind decided to spare her the mental trauma, and locked it all up. She remembered Naruto, and would always remember him, no matter what her parents did to put distance between them. Faced with a new start though, she was thrown into a lion's den, and shown that if you wanted to make friends in school, you had to be cool. So Sakura did what she thought was appropiate: she pretended. She pretended to be girly, and perfect, and sweet; she pretended that boys and family was all that mattered to her, and that she was the typical Japanese girl. She pretended so damn well that by the end, it stopped being pretend.

So there was Sakura, 13 years old and fully aware of what she wanted from life. She wanted to marry the pretty boy from her class, and even if they'd never get out of Shibuya, that was fine, really. She could work too, maybe as a waitress somewhere, or something to help support their family. Their lovely, lovely family. Until the pretty boy decided to move away from Shibuya, not without a last word of "you're so childish and girly". So there was Sakura, 14 years old and heart-broken for the second time, because for some reason, boys and her were always bound to be separated. Incidentally, that year her parents decided to move out again. Her mother, sick of seeing Sakura depressed, told her to take this new experience as her new chance at a new life. And oh, did she ever.

The bustling city they moved to presented Sakura with a whole new perspective. Here, she would be liked, here she would be loved, and here, she would not pretend. She'd be everything she wanted to be. If people disliked that, they could suck it up. Never one to back down from her own set goals, she did exactly that. Sakura had always been a girl thirsty for knowledge, but pushed by peers, she'd formerly put studying aside in exchange of hairpins and make-up. In the city, however, she had no peers to pressure her. One book every three days was her minimum, and soon Sakura became well-known at the Library. Her passion was literature. To keep herself strong in front of bullies that had pestered her and caused her troubles when she'd been young, she signed herself up for jujitsu. She didn't expect to love it as much as she did, but Sakura was the sort of person that when she found something she liked, she gave it her all. Slowly but surely, she became the champion of her high-school in jujitsu, attending competitions at times, and winning them. But the competitive life wasn't for her. She loved the sport for how it made her feel liberated, but books and knowledge were still her two principal passions.

When she was 17, close to the end of high-school, when the time came to chose careers came, Sakura remembered the other promise she'd made herself long back: never allow her friends to get hurt. So, she did the best thing she could think of, and signed up for med-school. To appease her thirst for other sort of knowledge, and maybe because she's a masochist for working overtime, she also picked an online major in Literature; to pay for it, she works part-time as a waitress.

So here's Sakura, 20 year-old: overachiever, workaholic. Although every Thursday evening, she's sure to be found in some tea-house, reading in a corner.
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